Campus of the Week: Pennsylvania State University

Sure they may attend a state college in a town called “State College,” but this Style Guru team proves when it comes to fashion, there is nothing ordinary about Penn State University.

These rockstars are beyond talented writers, photographers and social media mavens. But behind the lens, they are Fashionistas themselves (with major personality and style).

We wanted to learn a little bit more about the individuals who make up the #GuruGang at PSU! Read on to get to know our Campus of the Week!

1. Bianca Portillo

“I am a Latina and I’m obsessed with fashion and journalism. I aim to be a fashion journalist and news reporter one day. Trying new things and dancing are my favorite extracurricular activities. Stay RAD!”

Bianca Portillo

2. Ali Kashur

“Hey! A little bit about me is that I’m a sophomore majoring in Marketing at Penn State. I’m also from Pittsburgh and I’m obsessed with my family of six (dog included)! If I had to describe myself in three words I would say faithful, neat-freak and of course a shopaholic.”


3. Lexi Dairman

“I’m Lexi Dairman and I love to sing, eat pizza and laugh a lot. After watching Clueless, I fell in love with fashion, and that’s how it all started. You can find me at Penn State University with my Ray-Ban flash lenses on (day or night, outside or indoors). xoxo.”

Lexi Dairman

4. Zinnia Maldonado

“Hola fellow Style Gurus! I’m a sophomore majoring in Broadcast Journalism at the wonderful Penn State University! I love mixing and matching cute yet comfy pieces to wear to class and showcasing my style on campus! College is the perfect time for me to explore as many different looks as I can.”

Zinnia Maldonado

5. Kelsie Ahern

“I’m a Public Relations major and an Art History minor with a passion for social media and fashion. My hobbies include brunching, stalking French Bulldogs on Instagram and watching Amy Schumer clips on YouTube.”

Kelsie Ahern

6. Paige Woiner

“I’m Paige, and I’m a junior, Journalism major at Penn State University. My fashion really helps me to stick out on this giant campus while also allowing me to express myself. Other than fashion, I love to write, take pictures, dance and obsess over cute kittens on Instagram.”


7. Veronica Romanach

“I’m a student at Penn State and a brand new Style Guru! I cannot wait to see what new trends I encounter on my campus and other campuses around the world this semester!”


8. Rhianna Maglio

“Hello Fashionistas! I’m a food fanatic with a unique fashion style and a love for photographing the beautiful things in life. A strange fact about myself is that cows are my absolute favorite animals!”

Rhianna Maglio

9. Shannon Deuel

“I love being silly and you can always find me making playlists of hardcore rap for myself and friends. Never take life too seriously!”

Shannon Deuel

10. Jillian Acri

“I’m a junior at Penn State University, studying Public Relations. Someday, I want to live out my own version of The Devil Wears Prada and work for a major magazine in New York City.”


11. Stella Campisi

“You can call me Stella. I love traveling, pasta and anything red. Just your average Long Island girl who loves wearing work out clothes, but not actually working out.”

Estella Campisi