Brunching 101—Five Tips To That Have The Ultimate Brunch Experience

Brunch /brʌntʃ / n. A culinary art form enjoyed in place of breakfast and lunch. Also known as the “queen of all meals.”

Okay, okay maybe that isn’t quite what Merriam Webster has to say about brunch. However, I think we can all agree that my definition is fairly accurate. If you’re a foodie like me then an invitation to brunch is simply irresistible. One of my favorite weekend activities is crossing off a name on my list of places to try; and you better believe that 75% of these places are brunch spots.

Here are my five tips for having a fantastic (and, of course, Instagram worthy) brunch!

1—First things first: Where are you going to go? If you’re looking for somewhere new and don’t know where to look, I recommend turning to Instagram. Many cities have accounts dedicated to the best food and coffee spots around. Not only will you be inspired for your next meal, but you’ll also get to enjoy perfectly curated feeds of food and coffee!


(Photo via @couturecrushrei)

2—Next, is timing. Personally, I always try to time my brunches just before busy hour. I enjoy arriving before the crowd, which allows me to watch as the restaurant fills up and the sound of conversation rises. However, let’s be real, anytime is a good time for brunch!


(Photo via @sofinaa)

3—When it comes to ordering I have one motto, “treat yourself.” Don’t hold back. Both coffee and a mimosa are most certainty necessary. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new. Have you ever had lox on a waffle? No? TRY IT! Order something you’ve never had before and chances are you won’t be disappointed.


(Photo via @zoebernstein)

4—If you didn’t document it, did you really go? Don’t feel silly taking a moment or two to snap the perfect photo. There is no shame in standing up to get that flawless flat lay. You could be on your way to being featured on one of the accounts mentioned in step one!


(Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

5—Finally, enjoy! Brunch is the perfect opportunity for anything and everything; from catching up with an old friend to unloading about your week to your best friend. 093016-1

(Photo via @itstrendychelsea)

So this weekend at brunch, dive in and dish away (and be sure to share your photos with us so we can feel like we enjoyed that avocado toast right along with you)!


(Photo via @elizagracehuber)