How to Bring Southern Trends Up North

It’s no secret that trends all over the world are extremely different. I witnessed this when I moved from Chicago to Auburn, Alabama. When I started my freshman year of college, I was surprised by how differently everyone dressed. I was excited to be surrounded by new trends and ideas, but I also wasn’t ready to completely lose my sense of style. Thankfully, I figured out a way to combine my personal style with southern style.

The first trend that I saw when I moved below the Mason-Dixon Line was statement earrings. This was probably the most shocking trend to me. The only time I wore “big” earrings was for a school dance. However, down south it was a regular thing. Initially, I didn’t think I would be able to pull this trend off. But with the right simplistic outfit, anyone can pull them off. The earrings I found are from Francesca’s Collections.

Like any other town, Free People is everyone’s favorite brand. The bohemian flare the brand possesses adds pop to any outfit. My shirt is from Free People and is a staple for any closet. Another large trend in the South is wide-leg pants. This is a trend that I just can’t seem to wrap my head around, so I substituted this with harem pants from American Eagle.

The most shocking Southern trend was the use of bright colors. Ninety percent of my wardrobe is filled with neutrals, so seeing girls wearing hot pink, neon yellow, and bright orange on the daily was unusual. After researching this obsession with bright colors, it turns out that these colors are very trendy this summer, so I incorporated this hot pink Kate Spade bag with my black outfit.

Would you rock any of these trends? Let me know in the comments below!