The Beauty Products Our Style Gurus Can’t Get Enough Of

October 30th, 2017 at 1:00am

It’s no secret that we’re avid beauty lovers here at College Fashionista, and that undying love of makeup and skincare is shared by our community as well. Just one look at the Instagrams of our Style Gurus gives us beauty inspo for days—which is why we’re so excited to introduce the brand ambassador program with Sephora Collection.

This semester, we’re tapping 10 members of our Style Guru community to be our eyes and ears on the latest beauty trends so that we can share that intel with the rest of the world. Keep reading to meet all the newest brand ambassadors and shop their top three Sephora Collection picks for fall.

“I love makeup because it’s another extension and outlet of your personal style. It allows me to feel even more confident in my own skin. I found so many of my favorite products during the Sephora Collection events at The CF Clubhouse, so I can’t wait to share my love for them through the brand ambassador program!” – Maddy Haller, Florida State University

maddy’s top picks

Perfection Mist Nude Glow | Make No Mistake Foundation & Concealer Stick

Beauty Amplifier Set & Refresh Spray

“By far, my favorite sector of the beauty industry has to be skincare. It’s so fun to mess around with different masks, moisturizers, secret tricks from insiders, etc. and the best part is, it’s all great for you! I’m psyched to try out some of Sephora Collection’s skincare products and find some new go-tos. The one product that I’ve been living for since listening to Helen Phillips talk at the CF Clubhouse is the Clay Mask  definitely a must.“ – Eliza Huber, University of Iowa

eliza’s top picks

Clay Mask | Rose Lip Balm & Scrub | Pearl Face Mask

“I love makeup because not only is it a fun way to get creative with the endless possibilities of colors and options, but it also gives me an added boost of confidence to help me conquer the day. Discovering new and amazing beauty products is something I love doing, and being a Sephora Collection brand ambassador will give me the opportunity to share my love with all my friends!” –  Laura Baxter, Washington State University

laura’s top picks

Golden Hour Highlighting Powder | Contour Palette | Perfection Mist Nude Glow

“Skincare is huge for me, and finding products that not only enhance my features but make my skin clean and healthy is key. I’m so excited to be a Sephora Collection brand ambassador because I not only love their products, but love makeup: from my beauty routine to the way it allows me to be creative with my own style. I believe that promoting healthy skin and products will promote confidence!” – Allie Sarachene, Kent State University

allie’s top picks

Perfection Mist Nude Glow | Make No Mistake Foundation & Concealer Stick | Mixology Eyeshadow Palette

“I love makeup, skincare, and haircare because they enhance your natural beauty so that you look and feel your best. Confidence is key, so when your skin and hair have the ability to give you a pick-me-up, you have the power to take on anything that comes your way.” – Rachel Gregson, Virginia Commonwealth University

rachel’s top picks

Clay Mask | Hair Mask | Golden Hour Highlighting Powder

“I’ve always been an avid beauty lover. Trying new makeup always seemed like a good idea. Although my routine has become pretty standard now that I’m in college, I still love rocking a bold lip or eye every so often. I’m excited for the brand ambassador program because it’ll give me the tools to create beauty looks I feel confident in. I’m looking forward to sharing my makeup favorites with my friends on campus. The CF Clubhouse introduced me to the magical world of Sephora Collection. I desperately miss trying out every color that they offered in their cream lip stains. Not only is the color variety incredible but the long-lasting stain will last for hours without reapplying; talk about a college girl’s dream!” Lex Kelly, Central Michigan University

lex’s top picks

Coconut Cleansing & Exfoliating Wipes | Cream Lip Stain | Make No Mistake Foundation & Concealer Stick

“It wasn’t until recently that I got more into using makeup and trying new skincare routines. I didn’t realize how much the combination of sweat, pollution, and makeup could have on my skin, and I really didn’t care much about my skin in general.  Now, I see my skin as a friend and treat it as so! I love trying a new face mask or an under eye cream and seeing the affects it has on my skin! Being a brand ambassador for Sephora Collection is going to be such an exciting experience and a way for me to learn a little bit more about how to take care of my skin.” – Rebecca Norris, Fashion Institute of Technology

rebecca’s top picks

Make No Mistake Foundation & Concealer Stick | Ultra Shine Lip Gel | Lashcraft Big Volume Mascara

“I absolutely love learning about what makes one beauty product better than another, and how genuinely excited I feel while applying my daily makeup looks. The brand ambassador program is a chance for me to share inspiration, and make products more approachable than they seem! That’s a super important skill for an aspiring editor.” – Brittney Hughes, Fashion Institute of Technology

brittney’s top picks

Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick | Golden Hour Highlighting Powder | Mixology Eyeshadow Palette

“Makeup is art; It’s a way for me to express my mood and at the same time feel confident in the art I’ve created on my face. I’m incredibly excited to have this opportunity to be a brand ambassador because I will be introduced to so many beauty products that I probably have not tried yet. I can’t wait to work with future brands and try out different kinds of beauty products and formulas!” Maggie Lin, Rutgers University

maggie’s top picks

Beauty Amplifier Set & Refresh Spray | Contour Palette | Perfection Mist Nude Glow

“Makeup/haircare/skincare makes me who I am. I love pampering myself and keeping my skin looking fresh and healthy! Makeup is also a fun way of expressing yourself in the various looks that can be created. I’ve always been a huge fan of Sephora so becoming an ambassador is a huge honor for me!” Gabrielle O’Donnell, Liberty University

gabrielle’s top picks

Clay Mask | Mixology Eyeshadow Palette | Golden Hour Highlighting Powder

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