Bundle up with These 6 Best Winter Outfits

Once winter rolls around it’s time to bundle up and stay warm. There are plenty of options on how to style a coat, boots, scarf, hat, and other winter time pieces. Mixing and matching is one of my favorite ways to keep my winter style fresh. I’m also a fan of layering pieces all throughout the year’s coldest months. These best winter outfits will have you looking your absolute best and keep you toasty at the same time.

PHOTO: @emilynorthh

Put on That Parka

No matter where you live, a parka is an absolute essential. Even in warmer climates, this type of coat is great to have for atypical cooler days or for when you travel. Most also come with tags that indicate the level of warmth they provide. This will help you find the right jacket so you can stay warm in any climate.

PHOTO: @sydneyhelphenstine

Top It off with a Hat

Hats are both functional and fashionable, and there are quite a few styles to choose from. It could be a cap on the way to class or a cute pom-pom hat like in our community member’s picture. It will save you from a bad hair day and keep you toasty at the same time.

PHOTO: @mercesmrtnz

Lots and Lots of Layers

Layering is something that everyone does once it gets a little colder. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to spice up this technique and personalize it to your tastes. One way is to choose multiple neutral tones and throw in one different pattern or textile—like denim.

PHOTO: @pauliinavartola

Grab Some Gloves

Gloves are an amazing winter time accessory that keep your hands extra warm and add something special to your outfit. People often don’t realize that you can use mittens and gloves to make a statement. Try a patterned pair or a jewel-toned set for a fashionable, wintery pop.  

PHOTO: @katarinabrunette

Style a Scarf

Snag a scarf that fits your style. Because there is a large variety of choices, it’ll be a breeze finding one you love. Personally, I reach for a chunky flannel scarf and pair it with a solid colored jacket. Not only will it keep you warm, but it can serve as the focal point of your outfit. This is also a great way to match your hat and gloves with a color or two from your scarf. It gives a cohesive look that is super chic.

PHOTO: @emilynorthh

Buckle up Some Boots

What’s better than a good pair of boots? Nothing! Boots can be worn with any outfit all season long. The hard part is choosing between your ankle booties, thigh-highs, combat boots, riding boots, statement booties, and snow boots. With a staple pair, the possibilities are endless. They help pull together any winter time look.


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Opening image by Hannah Fyfe.