TikTok’s Best ‘Eras’ Tour Outfits For Major Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but my entire For You Page on TikTok is Eras tour outfits. Since Taylor Swift’s tour started in Swift City on March 17, fans have taken over social media with what they’re wearing for the big night. And they should — this is a big night for Swifties. (So big, one couple even tied the knot at their show.)

If you are like me, and waiting to lock in your outfit until there’s almost no time left, I’ve compiled some TikToks to give you inspiration. The most common things I see are Reputation-inspired outfits, fringe, and glitter. But there’s truly no wrong way to show up to a Taylor Swift concert.

My advice is to choose a theme for your outfit. Taylor Swift has been one of the biggest artists for Gen Z since 2006, so there are plenty of places to look for inspiration. From award shows to albums, to her cats, any Eras tour outfit you choose will look amazing.

From opening night, one fan took clips of all of their favorite outfits. There’s tons of inspiration in this short video, from allusions to her songs to recreations of her most famous outfits.

Dressing up as one of Taylor’s eras is the easiest route to go. Choose your favorite album and incorporate elements from the color scheme of the album or from songs to put together a look. Here’s one fan pulling inspiration from Taylor Swift, her debut album.


Karma is a CAT! 🐱🐱🐱 find us in opening night, sector N, row 22! made by the icon herself @Mai Milanesio #taylorswift #taylorsversion #taylornation #swifttok #swiftie #swifties #erastour #erastouroutfits #erastouroutfit #theerastour #costume #costumeideas

♬ –

Karma is a cat! Taylor’s pride and joys are her cats, and these fans pulled off a funny and comfortable look in these costumes. If you’re a huge Swiftie, you’re sure to know lots about her life. Style something out of the ordinary!

Don’t be afraid to mix up albums in your friend group, either! Here’s one of my favorite combinations that I’ve seen. This fan mixes Lover and Speak Now to create a fun and colorful group look.

This group of friends pulls from Swift’s song “mirrorball” (my all-time number one song on Spotify). Metallics are very popular right now, so running to the mall to grab something silver and sparkly should be super easy and cute! You’ll be sure to shimmer and look beautiful.

Even if Taylor tends to ignore Evermore, that doesn’t mean you have to. The album’s fall vibes and powerful lyrics give plenty of ammunition to style the perfect outfit. This outfit is so cute and could probably be pulled straight from your closet.


MY MOM AND I WILL BE IN SECTION K ROW 10 SEATS 15 & 16!!! I LOVE YOU SEE YOU SOON BESTIE @taylorswift @taylornation

♬ I did something bad – Seven⸆⸉

There was no hope for me to choose only one Reputation-inspired outfit to showcase because there were so many that just absolutely took my breath away. Black, sparkly, and dressed for revenge.

Your favorite Taylor song is the perfect place to draw inspiration from. From shining like a mirrorball to recreating a lyric from “Death By A Thousand Cuts.” No matter what your favorite song is, you’ll be able to represent it in the crowd. Find a lyric, recreate the music video, or even dress as the title. There are plenty of options!


SWIFT CITY I AM IN YOU!!! Cant believe the day is here 🥹 Sec N Row 24 Seats 3-5! #tstheerastour #glendaletstheerastour #swiftcity @taylorswift @taylornation


This fan went above and beyond and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I can’t even imagine the time and dedication it took for her to put together this outfit, but I am living for it. It’s called the Eras tour for a reason! Incorporate elements from each album like this, or just with 10 different nail colors, whatever feels best for you!