Appreciating Art Isn't As Intimidating As You Think

Some people might tell you that taking in a work of art is the same as gazing at a flower or a sunset. While others believe that taking in a sculpture or a painting is intimidating. Art is free flowing; there is no exact science or logic to art, which can make museum-going a little uncomfortable for those just dipping their toes into the art world.

While gallery-hoping may not be as simple as looking up at the clouds, there is no reason to be intimidated. Art should be appreciated by everyone, so here are a few easy steps that will lead you down the path to truly appreciating art.

PHOTO: @briannarlowe

how was it made? 

Take in the stroke patterns or a number of colors in a painting, or the amount of detail in a sculpture or photograph. Noting the details of a piece creation will provide insight on how much work went into the piece.

what is it made out of?

Many artists have go-to materials that are either reflective of their time or, simply, of their preference. Learn a little more about the creator of a piece simply by observing whether they used marble or wood, paints or charcoals, thread, or yarn.

PHOTO: @jenvpetrova

how does it make you feel? 

This one may sound like a cliche, but it is truly important. Art is generally created to be seen, to be shared with an audience. Just like the lyrics to a song are meant to move the listener, artists often intend for their pieces to cause an emotional response. When taking in a piece, see if it reminds you of something else or stirs up thoughts or emotions you had not considered.

how does it connect to other art?

Museums and galleries tend to order pieces by time periods or styles. As you take in each piece, see how it compares to those around it. Is there a piece that sticks out among the rest? Which one do you find to be the most interesting or complex?

PHOTO: @madelinekf

You don’t have to have a Master’s in art history in order to appreciate the beauty or intensity of a piece. You simply have to have a watchful eye and an open mind. Have any other tips for those interested in art? Let us know in the comments below!