BEAUTY BAR: Wintry Bolds

Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, right? For me, it is anyway and I sometimes find myself a little lackluster when it comes to making up my face. Just because I’m staying in doesn’t mean I can’t look nice for myself, or whichever one of my cats I’m snuggling up to.

This Fashionista proves me wrong in showing that even the simplest touch-ups can create a bold effect and make her face look airbrushed and straight out of a magazine. Accentuating her already dark-colored eyes, she puts on a smooth layer of eyeliner and a wisp of mascara. Whereas some girls say they feel naked without a thick coat of foundation and concealer, she sticks to a lighter concealer that works with a hidden agenda to rid acne. In fact, the only naked vibe her face gives off would be the Naked eyeshadow pallet she uses on her eyelids. Her puffy lips make for a pouty smile to stand out, especially when she uses a bold shade of red lipstick. Whether she’s staying in or going on an outdoorsy excursion with friends, this Fashionista is making a bold statement this winter.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this bold yet simple look, smear Neutrogena’s SkinClearing Liquid Makeup onto your face. Then break out the Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow palette and start off by applying one of the darkest shades just above your eyelashes (I like to go with brown or dark silver depending on my outfit). Apply a medium toned color above that, like a soft brown or a burnt amber. Then brush a lighter cream color just below your eyebrow and use it to blend the other colors into your skin. Next, coat a fine line of Maybelline eyeliner around and as close to the eye as you can get it. Finish off these bold, dark eyes with a brush of Maybelline mascara. Whether you want washable or waterproof, that’s up to you. If you’re feeling really bold, finish off the look with Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes lipstick in a darker hue like burgundy blush. Now you’re ready to fight off the wintry blues with this bold, yet simple look.