BEAUTY BAR: Winter-White Wings

With winter right around the corner, color palettes are gradually changing from warm and soft to bold and icy. There’s snow in the city, rain in the suburbs and a ton of white additions to our makeup bags. This Fashionista in particular decided to get a head start with her winter-inspired makeup, and can I just say that I’m all up for it!

On her way to her cosmetology class, this Fashionista made me stop and stare with her eye-catching eyeshadow and liner skills. This makeup-savvy Fashionista perfectly blended purple and pink hues for her eyeshadow, double-stacked white liquid liner above black liner and polished everything off with a set of full false lashes. Clear lip gloss was also a clever choice to make, as it didn’t take any attention away from the most important factor: her eyes.

While leading up to my question of whether I could take photos of her for my article or not, I had to ask what made her go with white liquid liner while getting ready in the morning; “I didn’t think black eyeliner was enough for the [eyeshadow] colors I used, so I figured why not add some white to it all?” In my opinion, it was an immensely brilliant decision!

To attain a look similar to this Fashionista’s, liquid liners such as Rimmel London’s Colour Precise Eyeliner in black and white will definitely intensify the amount of contrast achieved from the Fashionista’s makeup. You can also experiment with different eyeshadow shades such as blues, browns and even greens! Whatever makes you feel confident.

Go ahead and try this look out, I myself am purchasing my white liner as I type. Best of luck and happy holidays!