BEAUTY BAR: Wingin' It

Winged eyeliner has been around for decades; however, it seems we’re still trying to perfect it. There are probably over a thousand how-to videos on the Internet instructing viewers on how to create the perfect wing, yet there are a thousand more who cannot get them to look identical no matter what they do. If that sounds like your situation, take a deep breath, this article is for you.

When I saw this Fashionista, I thought “wow, she’s stylish,” but when I looked closer, I knew I wanted to focus the beauty trend she was sporting. I had recently been looking up easy ways to create the perfect winged eyeliner and I just couldn’t find a video that worked for me. Despite the numerous results I got when I typed “winged eyeliner” into the search engine,  I was not going to achieve this look unless I had some of those beautifully expensive MUA brushes.

Logically, I asked a Fashionista. Inspired by style icons from Marilyn Monroe to Lauren Conrad, this Fashionista created this timeless beauty trend by taking a pencil, rather than liquid eyeliner, and drew a line along with her upper lash line. She then continued to make a thicker line starting from the inner corner of her eye and working toward the outer corner.

College girls don’t always have the time to apply a full face of makeup, so the quickest tricks are always the most functional. One tip that another Fashionista recommended to me when researching this beauty trick was to remember that your eyeliner won’t be perfect every time. “They won’t be twins, but they’ll be sisters.”

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? I love how this Fashionista kept her look simple by pairing this timeless beauty trend with a classic outfit. I’m honestly obsessed with flared jeans and I’m so glad they’re back. Her white gossamer top contrasts perfectly with the dark denim. Of course white nails are always trendy, but the winged eyeliner definitely gave this look something extra.