BEAUTY BAR: Windswept

November is in full swing—WHAT?!? The view from my apartment everyday will tell you otherwise (think glistening blue ocean and clear, sunny skies). Having 70 degree weather during the fall and winter months kind of inhibits us native Californians from having a “basic” fall. I mean, who can wear a thick sweater when you are singing worship music in an outdoor amphitheater at 10:00 a.m.? Literally, no one. So because of a lack of sweater weather, we have to get creative with our seasonal outfits.

Yes there are cons to living in Southern California; however, living close to LA does have its perks. Being a trendy location and innovation hub, edgy individuals and fashion bloggers are constantly strolling (actually, driving) down the streets and meeting up in cute coffee shops, seeing people and wanting to be seen. Los Angeles is a fashion capital, with no shortage of creative people. From the PR moguls to the “It” girls of Malibu, I am always inspired by the looks other people pull together.

This girl is a prime example of the hipster/cool girls that inhabit the LA area. This girl was rocking a leather jacket, complete with silver zippers and a belt. Under that, she wore a black tank top and a mint green skirt. The skirt was a chiffon material and hit her right above the ankle. It was a bold move to make—but she slayed it.

Her accessories were on point: the long necklace, multitude of rings and earrings and black, fringe booties totally made her look complete. Of course, sunnies are a staple for anyone’s closet—especially for a girl in California.

While this Fashionista’s outfit was amazing, what really drew me to her look was her hair. I have only dreamt of being able to master the messy hair look, but this girl owns it. Having a messy braid really pulled her outfit together and added personality to her look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Want to rock the windswept look like this girl? Add some dry shampoo to your hair and even brave teasing your locks. Once your hair is kind of brushed out, secure it in a loose braid and pull out a few strands for a casual look.