BEAUTY BAR: Who Needs Accessories When You Have Bright Pink Hair

I love to experiment with new hairstyles and colors. I haven’t been bold enough to try anything drastic all over. The most I have done is dye the back of my hair pink and have Ariel hair from the Little Mermaid, but that only lasted a short time. I love walking around and seeing girls with neon or pastel colored hair. It is such a cool trend that really adds character to any outfit and gives you an insight on someone’s personality.

This Fashionista has beautiful bright pink hair. The color is just a perfect pink for the summer. Her dress is a light cream color which allows her hair to be the main focus. It works really well to make it stand out and show the long length she has.

With celebrities showing bright color hair inspiration, it shows how this trend can be for anyone who is brave enough to take a bold chance. These bright colors allow you to be able to focus attention on your hair and see how well it works with the different colors of your outfit. This Fashionista looks cool for the summer; the bright pink can be shown more with the sun beaming on it.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you are brave enough to take on this actual pink color or any other neon bright color, make sure to buy some hair dye; in order to recreate these colors, sometimes you have to mix multiple shades of pinks, whites and purples to get the shade you feel is the one you want. When it comes to color hair dye, Manic Panic is always a great brand with a variety of colors to pick from for the perfect combination. These classic colors are semi-permanent and require multiple uses to keep the desired color. Manic Panic also has a line of Amplified colors which brings the same colors as their classic hair dyes but last longer. This is a great thing to use if you already know what colors work best for you and you have more experience with the dye. For those who won’t go near hair dye, you could always get temporary hair dye. The color will be similar and allow for you to test out more colors frequently for a no commitment stylish look.