BEAUTY BAR: Wave it Like You Just Don't Care

Waking up in the morning is a constant battle of what to do with your hair. From straighteners to curlers, there is so much a Fashionista can do to switch up her everyday hairstyle. With so many looks to choose from, there comes a great deal of energy and a great time commitment. Do you ever just want to roll out of bed, brush your fingers through your hair and call it a day? With the latest hair trend you can do just that and you don’t have to worry about taking hours to create the perfect slicked back ponytail or making sure your half up half down look is equal.

In the last couple of months, everyone from celebrities to college students are jumping on the wavy hair bandwagon. Wavy hair works for any length hair cut, style or outfit. Wavy hair can add a pinch of sassy, punk or hipster to any Fashionista personality. For college students, wavy hair is the perfect trend for early classes and casual hangouts. With July coming around the corner, summer is heating up and that means frizz central! Every Fashionsita needs a hairstyle that is easy and will keep up with her and the scorching heat.

This Fashionista has the perfect wavy hair look. She looks flawlessly chic with her American Apparel dress and shoes. Her simple gray dress highlights her wildly wavy hair. The low cut back on her dress adds a sense of edginess that pairs well with her unique waves.

Wavy hair can be created using multiple items. The most common way to create wavy hair is by using a curling iron and gently brushing out the curls. You can also capture this look by braiding your hair wet, waiting until its dry and then brushing through the waves.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, you need Nexxus curl defining cream gel, hair dryer diffuser and Curly Sexy Hair Full On Curls Volumizing & Texturizing Spray. Apply the curling cream to wet hair then place the diffuser on the end of your hair dryer to create natural waves. Lastly, spray the volumizing hairspray to lock in your luscious waves.