BEAUTY BAR: Wave Goodbye To Fall

The cold winter months are quickly approaching. Luckily there were a few sunny days to soak up some rays and enjoy the colors of fall, and that’s exactly what this Fashionista did. She grabbed some of her favorite natural colored pieces which really complement her beautiful brown hair. Speaking of which, her hair is expertly curled in loose waves of perfection. For some reason, I have always struggled with curling my hair. It never quite turns out the way I want. So if you’re like me, don’t worry; we can learn to curl our hair just as well!

Before we discuss how to achieve those flawless curls, let’s take a look at this Fashionista’s fab outfit. She is wearing a long sleeve mini dress with a drop-waist. This dress is decorated with a detailed, multi-neutral colored and circular print that really catches your attention, but doesn’t overwhelm. She pairs the dress with knee-length, light brown leather boots. To top off her outfit she wears a silver ring and bracelet, as well as a diamond necklace and earrings.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Before you can start curling, having the proper tools is essential. Curling irons come in many different thicknesses. To achieve the loose wave look, be sure to use one that is fairly thick, a 1.5 inch barrel. The Remington pearl curling wand works exceptionally well, especially in the larger size. We all know how temperamental our hair can be, so make sure you grab the perfect product to tame your lion mane. For thinner hair, try Oribe dry texturizing spray to create wanted volume and texture. If you have thicker hair like me, try this amazing finishing hairspray by Catwalk.