BEAUTY BAR: Waterfall Bun

March 14th, 2017 at 2:00am

Tired of that same old hairstyle? Looking for something new and exciting?  This Fashionista from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro shows us how adding multiple braids to your hair is unique and stylish. With just two braids leading into a loose bun, you can style up any day or night look from same old to new! This Fashionista, originally from Texas, calls her back at home go-to hair style “waterfall bun”.

The Fashionista explains how to complete the “waterfall bun” in three parts. The first part of the process begins with parting your hair to the right by using a wet brush. Next, begin a French braid with the right parted side, by crossing the back strand over the middle then the front strand over the middle. Next, cross the back strand over the middle strand and add in a section of hair from behind it as you combine the strands of hair. With the front strand that crosses over the middle and pull it to the opposite side of the head and then pin it out of the way. Repeat the “waterfall” braiding until reaching the end of your hair. At the end of the braid, tie the hair with clear hair tie and begin work on the next braid section. The second part of this processes begins with letting down the “waterfall” strands and the front section that was tied off. First take the section right at the part and divide it into three pieces for a new french braid. Complete a French braid by using the strands of hair from the “waterfall” or previous braid strands. Once the braid reaches the end of the hair, tie it off as well with a clear hair tie. For the third and final part of the process, now that there are two regular braids on the right side of the head, gather all the loose hair and braids into a low bun. Pull little hairs and pieces out of the braid and bun creating a thick, messy, and carefree look. Optionally, as the Fashionista did, place flowers as accessories wherever you desire for a more fun, unique and exciting look! Finally, spray your hair with hairspray for long lasting hold.

To get the “waterfall bun” look follow the steps above. This three step process may seem overwhelming but after a try or two it becomes second nature! The “waterfall bun” is perfect for any look that needs a unique and new spice during anytime of the day or night!