BEAUTY BAR: Want An Up(braid)?

It’s time for a little Style Guru public service announcement: a daily hair washing ritual is beyond overrated. Newsflash: it’s not healthy to deep condition on the regular. Why go through the pain of an unnecessarily long undertaking when skipping the system is so much simpler? What do we do? Scrub-a-dub-dub or sit one out? I say skip the struggle! (Side note: I still recommend bathing your body everyday. A body wash a day keeps the stench away).

The truth of the matter is that showering is never just showing. It’s a three-hour production. There’s the lathering, the rinsing, the blow-drying, the straightening, the curling and the staring-in-the-mirror-for-20-minutes primping. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going au natural, but when you want to be a little glam, that look just won’t cut it.

While some celebrities conquer the day-two trouble of the tresses by opting for the wet hair look, I believe this style is unsanitary. Moroccan Oil is the greatest invention of mankind, but the bottle is intended to last you more than one outing.

Personally, I found this Fashionista’s day-after approach much chicer and cleaner, bestowing her with some serious star status. Her whimsical, braided headband trumps any slicked-back grease-fest. Today’s Fashionista has the solution to all of your hairstyle woes. Her hippie-esque vibe is cooler than cool, freezing up any competition in the hair scene. Move over Elsa, there’s a new ice princess in town, with braids to boot.

I thought that achieving such an angelic and ethereal style would be a hard feat, but according to this Fashionista, it’s as simple as can be. She advises, “Take a chunk of hair on both sides of your head and split each into two pieces, for four pieces total. Then, lift a layer off the top of both so you will be able to cover your work when you’re done. Now, braid all four pieces, cross the back-most of the two on each side over your head and wrap the remaining pieces around the back. Secure with bobby pins and you’re set!”

What’s On The BEAUTY BAR? To exude a vibe equally as carefree and breezy, buy some beach spray! If you don’t feel like spending, here’s a DIY project. Just put some salt and water in a spray bottle and your hair will be looking as bohemian as can be. Complete the look with a bright pink lip, a light, shimmery eye and a standout tunic.