BEAUTY BAR: Underrated And Pigtail Braided

When it comes to beauty, it’s not always all about the make-up. Beauty can be a lot of different features within a fabulous Fashionista/os. Take this Fashionista for example, she’s raising the beauty bar high with her long pigtails, floppy hat, sunglasses and her layered necklaces. She struts to her own beat and heats up the streets with her pale crop top and her retro high-waisted dark denim skirt. Walking down the street, this Fashionista is hard to miss. With her long loose pigtails and black floppy hat, there isn’t a detail that’s out of place.

By pairing the hat with the pigtails it creates a festival vibe that helps her long flowing braids show the fun windblown hair for these warm summer days. While the pigtails and hat mesh well together, this Fashionista throws on a pair of shades that collaborates and goes with her gold layered necklaces. When all of these pieces go together, the make-up will be taking a back row seat.

Pigtail braids are so underrated. We have all these twisted side braids or triple fishtail braids and it looks amazing and wonderful but what about the simple braids? And who has time for those extravagant braids? As a college student, the max time to get ready is probably 45 minutes or you’re late to class again. Stop the stressing and throw it into braids to tame that messy hair.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This Fashionista craves the retro/hipster vibe. To recreate or accomplish a similar vibe, lets start with the perfect hat. The floppy hat creates a more distinct style and helps pull the outfit together by the big bold rim and the slouchy feel. The hat overlooks the outfit of choice and helps make the dark denim jean skirt stand out. And while the hat does a lot of the work to make this Fashionista’s beauty shine, the hair grabs attention to the face as well. To copy the underrated pigtail braids you’ll need Tresemme mousse to give it texture. And then comes the ponytail bands or small rubber bands to hold those long braids in while riding with those windows down. Then there’s those strands that like to be free, grab some bobby pins or fun hair pins to spice up and make the braids a little more fun. After those easy steps, find a pair of your favorite sunglasses and layer up those necklaces. Now you have got yourself a festival ready outfit or just a a fabulous outfit for a casual walk to the nearest coffee house, just saying.