BEAUTY BAR: Under Wraps

The last thing I want to worry about during the summer season is my hair. I really can’t be bothered with it, especially when I’m on a time crunch, which is always. I was totally inspired by this Fashionista who took it upon herself to make sure her locks would always be accessorized. She used embroidery thread to create little wraps around her hair in rainbow colors which creates an effortless and almost island girl vibe.

Her uniquely accessorized waves are the perfect complement to her classic outfit. She chose to wear some short distressed denim shorts with a black and white stripped crop top. The happy little sunflowers that line the top of her shirt add to the light and airy look. She chose to wear the whole ensemble with a pair of high-top skate Vans.

In order to achieve this look, you’ll need to dust off those old Girl Scout skills. Remember making friendship bracelets with your troop? Braid a small section of your hair and secure it with a clear elastic. Choose your favorite colors and cut them to twice the length of your hair. Tie your thread to the top of the braid as close to your scalp as you can, and start tying knots exactly how you would a friendship bracelet. Wrap as many or as few pieces as you see fit and viola!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? For this look you’ll need embroidery thread. This can be found at any craft or sewing store. You’ll also need patience, about an hour of time, and maybe some Netflix to keep you occupied. Happy wrapping, friends.