BEAUTY BAR: A Touch of Internship Glam

Nailed that internship you wanted so badly? Wondering how to balance makeup in the office setting? Look no further, this Fashionista has got it!

Going to school in a big city, especially the Big Apple, students have internships practically all year round. Students have the easy access to be near the hub of booming corporations, so it is essential to make your schedule, wardrobe, and beauty bar ready for corporate doors and to put yourself ahead for future career endeavors.

It is important in an office space (depending where you are of course) to look put together and not over the top. This Fashionista has wavy hair naturally, but likes to have some super soft waves in the office. The texture survives the day with her favorite dry shampoo that she runs in the ends of her hair.

Starting with the face, it is not crucial to pack on foundation and loads of makeup to clog your pores during the day at the office. This Fashionista attains a natural glow by adding a hint of her favorite bronzer and blush across the cheeks. Some days she will add concealer to conceal the bags under her eyes, but nothing more unless she is partaking in the city’s nightlife atmosphere. It is really important to keep your skin clean and moisturized. Your skin will thank you later!

For the office, this big-eyed beauty accentuates the shape of her eyes with a simple straight line of black liquid eyeliner. Adding a wing, or other styles diminish from the simplicity of the natural look, finishing it off with her favorite Maybelline mascara. She adds a subtle, pink nude liquid lip, and will make sure the look lasts through the stress at the office all day by setting her makeup with her go-to setting spray.

Classic, simple, and office-ready.