BEAUTY BAR: There's No Better Bun

The summer months can be difficult in terms of finding the perfect hairstyle. No matter how much gel, mousse or spray you may apply to your hair, chances are you’ll be throwing it up the moment you step outside. If you’re anything like this Fashionista, however, a plain old ponytail just doesn’t cut it.

This week’s Fashionista is rocking a trendy hybrid hairstyle that incorporates both a bun and a braid! From the front, you see a trendy high-bun, that’s perfect for any summer occasion. When she turns to the side, she’s adding an extra once of detail with her thin French braid. This look is a fresh spin on the basic bun we’ve been seeing all summer. It’s perfect to be dressed up or down, and it’s effortlessly adorable. This Fashionista has mastered how to look cool and stay cool this summer.

Her simple, all-black summer ensemble perfectly complements her trendy hairstyle. She’s wearing a black cotton T-shirt dress that shows off her amazing legs. To dress it up, she’s wearing a pair of black wedges, and simple gold and silver accessories. Her black Ray-Ban sunglasses and leather Marc by Marc Jacobs bag serve as the perfect summer essentials to finish off her look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This look needs nothing more than an elastic hair band and a few bobby pins. Simply French braid the front section of your hair, and secure with a bobby pin. Then take your hair and throw it up into a high bun! If buns aren’t your thing, a high ponytail works too!