BEAUTY BAR: The Versatile Bun

This summer has become the season of the hair bun. There are buns everywhere. Girls are wearing the bun style along with many guys, which we’ve all come know as the “man bun” and I totally love it! Some guys do it differently though and are shaving the sides of their head in order to get this new look. Its become more than just a street style look and I’ve spotted many all over my campus. Both genders are truly rocking this new trend.

The girls are either styling their hair into the the bun or leaving their hair natural and using a bun-shaped hair tie. Either way it looks super cute and whether you are hitting up the mall with some friends or heading to class, the bun totally works! It is a simple solution to a bad hair day any day.

In order to get this look, just pull half of your hair back into a bun. It is extremely simple and works for both long and short hair. If you are in a rush, just leave your hair natural and pull some hair back into the bun or you can take the time to style it. Either way, both styles look trendy.

This Fashionista went for the street style look while adding her own touches to the outfit. She is all about the crop tops and high-waisted pants right now. Her necklaces complement one another and her arm cuffs are one of the coolest accessories in her outfit. The bun then pulls her entire look together.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: In order to get this look, there is not very much that you need. To create the bun, all you need is a hair tie and maybe some hairspray to maintain the fly-aways. Now that you know how to create this look, join your peers in this new trend.