BEAUTY BAR: The Purr-fect Cat Eye

As a beauty connoisseur, there are minimal hair and makeup trends I won’t dare to try. Pink hair? Been there, done that. Blue lipstick? Child’s play. This being said, there are still a few techniques and styles that are equivalent to speaking Voldemort’s name aloud. Yes, I’m talking about the mystical technique of contouring, the new fad of “strobing” and the dreaded cat eyeliner.

Many of you Fashionistas are probably just like me in that you stay up until the wee hours of the morning watching Lisa Eldridge and Michelle Phan flawlessly apply bronzer and highlighter, and finish their liner with a swift flick. Many of you are also probably like me in that no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch or how many times you watch them, your wrist just refuses to learn to flick into a pristine, retro curve.

Twiggy, Alexa Chung and this Fashionista alike prove that the right eyeliner and fool proof technique truly make the cat eye. After finding your eye shape to determine how you should apply the base of your eyeliner, apply an eye primer to avoid smudging. Without pulling at the skin around your eye, make the outline of the cat eye with small strokes, following the natural angle of your eye and then gently fill in the triangle with your liner. Got a smudge? Stick a Q-Tip in your mouth and run it over the mistake to create a clean line.

Go full-fledged retro goddess by pairing your sultry cat eye with a pin-up style dress for going out. If you’re not so daring, make your makeup the star and keep your outfit casual with a classic chambray shirt and fun high-waisted shorts to stick with the vintage feel, like this Fashionista! Add a pair of stylin’ flats and bat those cat eyes, girl!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: After priming your lids, perfect that Jane Birkin look by sweeping a neutral shimmery shadow over them before applying your favorite liquid liner. Apply a classic red lipstick for a pin-up vibe like this Fashionista, or opt for a pinky nude for a ’60s feel.