BEAUTY BAR: The Pink Lady

I think just about every girl can relate to the summer makeup struggle. It’s a hot afternoon and you’re just trying to look good, but the heat is working against you. It’s easy to feel like your face is literally melting off in the sun, and leaving it bare is the only alternative. There are so many products that claim to eliminate this problem, and trust me; I’ve tried almost all of them. After dozens of trial and errors attempts, here are some of my go-to favorite makeup looks demonstrated by this summer Fashionista.

I should start by stating the obvious. Dark makeup plus hot sun, equals streaky face disaster. It’s super important to keep your face light and airy in the summer to avoid such a mess! One necessity for this is the beloved Bb cream. Not only is it light on your skin, but also it contains built in sunscreen for protection. I don’t know about you guys, but sunburn is never a good look on me. I use this to add some color and coverage to my face while still keeping my skin safe from the heat!

Continuing with skin, it is always a good idea to finish your look with some setting spray. Applying this light spray after completely your makeup allows the products to set into your skin and enhance that light feeling we are trying to achieve. Sometimes, wearing this makes me forget I even have makeup on!

Last but not least, the eyes. What would our face be without these windows to the soul? This Fashionista nailed this look with her light pink and red eye shadow. She started her look off with a primer, which enhances the shadow color immensely on the skin. Although the color is enhanced, it’s not overbearing. Her choice to use light pink pigments exhibits everything we are trying to attain this summer: light, fun, and ready for the sun!

Our Fashionista went above and beyond by taking her summer look past just the face. Her pale pink tank top and simple black shorts bring out the brightness in her eye makeup, as well as complete the breezy and airy ensemble. This head to toe look has officially become my summer goal and I can’t wait to beat the heat in these makeup essentials!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Get this look with some Bb cream and setting spray for the skin and a pink shadow palette and primer for the eyes! Remember to keep your skin safe this summer by wearing sun protection and keeping it light!