BEAUTY BAR: The New Classic

This Fashionista caught my eye in a different way than usual. Normally people who are flamboyant are the ones we notice first, but not in this case. I definitely gravitate more towards a natural look or the “no makeup” makeup look (nothing beats natural beauty, in my opinion). With that being said, I still love makeup, and in no way does a perfectly winged eyeliner or perfectly arched brow go unnoticed. This Fashionista nailed the classic winged eyeliner in addition to the many other things she did right with this look.

Her makeup was not too heavy and was perfect for class, lounging around campus, studying and even for going out at night. Right now it’s all about a good eyebrow. Eyebrows on fleek, right? Do people still say that?

This Fashionista is rocking the full arched brow. It is important when doing your eyebrows to not fill them in too much because then they start to look fake. You do not want your eyebrows to look like they are painted on. The eyebrows are not the only important feature of this classic look; her winged eyeliner is amazing, as well. This look takes practice and a steady hand, but once it’s perfected, it certainly makes a statement.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Anyone can achieve this classic look. You will need an ink eyeliner to get the perfect wing. You will also want a good brow pencil that will match your brow color; it is worth the extra money to get a better quality eyebrow pencil. You can complete the look with a lipstick of your choice. I would suggest a darker color for nighttime and a neutral shade for daytime.