BEAUTY BAR: The Never Ending Summer

It’s happening, people. No it’s not the end of the world, though it may feel like it. Summer is slowly drawing to a close, as more and more of us are packing up and heading back to campus. Though summer is coming to an end, we can take after this Fashionista and always rock a hairstyle that gives off the perfect “beachy” vibes.

Loose beach waves can be worn for just about anything. However, they are especially practical for the busy schedule classes will no-doubt bring. They give off an effortless, yet refined look. You will look polished for class without having to give too much time or effort. This Fashionista is showcasing a great back to school style, with perfect beach waves. They play nicely with the edge of her denim and army jacket ensemble.

Let us not fear the start of fall semester; we can always remember summer by exemplifying the perfect beach waves. Rocking this Fashionista’s look is key for being back to school ready.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Getting the perfect beach waves is quick, easy and crucial for maintaining the never-ending summer. There are a few ways to get this style. Using a curling wand gives the perfect refined loose curl. This Fashionista prefers using a 1.25 inch barrel, which helps her achieve the curl. The bigger the barrel the looser the waves. If you prefer to go the no-heat route, there are plenty of options. I find sea salt hair mist gives the perfect jostled look of just returning from the beach. Simply mist your hair, give it a good scrunch and you’re good to go. Lets give one last ode to summer with these perfect waves!