BEAUTY BAR: The Natural Look

Summer is really starting to heat up. It’s like a heat wave has shifted over the world! This is the time of year that people have been waiting for. It is finally time to show off that summer body at beach and pool parties. Females care to look nice at these events. They want to be able to wear makeup without it looking oily after sweating. The beauty bar for this week will explain an easy way to look fabulous as well as natural.

The Fashionista I chose this week had a simple but chic look. Her outfit was simple but she added some individuality through her accessories. She wore a gold watch and a Micheal Kors black purse. Her makeup is what stood out to me. She had on just enough to enhance herself, but not too much to appear greasy. This Fashionista is actually one of my co-interns at my other internship. She is originally from France and is in Chicago just to intern. Her makeup always looks so flawless. I was shocked to find out that she does not use that many products. With this look she had on L’Oréal liquid foundation. For her eyelashes she used two different mascaras. She used a Maybelline mascara first and then went over it with a thicker mascara from L’Oréal. She finished the look by adding a thin layer of eyeliner and putting on a dark burgundy lipstick. This look is perfect for those hot summer days. It is simple to do as well as not too much makeup. It will leave you looking stunning while still flaunting your natural beauty.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To create this look you need a dark burgundy matte lipstick, liquid or thick mascara, eyeliner and liquid or powder foundation from any brand. You can decide to use the same exact products as the Fashionista to portray this exact look. If you choose your own products, I recommend using a foundation that does not come off oily. Also, NYX is a good brand for matte lipsticks. Make sure not to use too much makeup so that your look appears natural.