BEAUTY BAR: The Monet of Makeup

It’s the month of love, my fellow Style Gurus!

As I’ve been walking around campus, I’ve been starting to see posters with hearts and arrows, a few guys rocking their pastel pink hoodies and girls sporting the occasional blush-toned outfit, which means Valentine’s Day is most likely right around the corner. The cuteness of couples and sincerity of friendships fills me with so much joy whenever I’m walking around, and I think that with the hardships our world is currently going through, it’s always so important to spread the love.

With that mentality in mind, I took it into consideration to approach this stunning Fashionista and let her know that I basically fell in love with her makeup the moment I saw her. The soft brown of her cardigan and striking black top matched perfectly with her eyes and lips, and it was a look too good not to capture! As per usual, after chatting with her for a bit I just had to ask if I could take a few photos for my article, and she was the sweetest!

Let me just say, if I were so lucky as to inherit a gene that would give me the ability to do my makeup as precisely and flawlessly as this Fashionista, I would be set for life. She dominantly matched a matte nude lipstick with eyeshadow tones of gold, brown, and a hint of pink. Her perfectly sculpted eyebrows created with an eyebrow cream-gel definitely complemented her eye look, and to wrap everything together she added flirtatious false lashes—it is February after all!

The versatility of this look is what made me love it so much that I’ll definitely be recreating it soon. Go ahead and try it out everyone, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!