BEAUTY BAR: The Lady Bun

If you fancy the internet in any way, and I’m sure you do, you’ve probably heard of the legendary man bun. Whether you enjoy this trend or not, there is one thing you can’t deny, the man bun definitely makes a statement. Now, what about the ladies? Behold, the lady bun. It’s debatable whether this is a real phrase, but the style is definitely locked and loaded.

This Fashionista exemplifies, perfectly, the power of the lady bun. Her all black ensemble features a feminine style chiffon dress and pendent necklace, complete with the perfect pair of booties and the ultimate oversized cardigan. Her outfit as a whole gives off the vibe of classy meets casual feminine style. Her styling of hair adds a hint of edge to the rest of her look. Adding a top bun gives an effortless edge to any style. It can be a rather bold and daring look which adds the perfect and refined effort.

This style of top bun will, without a doubt, add the perfect amount of edge yet refinery to any style. The perfect thing about this hairstyle, however, is that it is disguised as effort. In all actuality, the lady bun is the perfect style to utilize if you’re having an off hair day, or skipped the shower that morning. You can easily hide any hair mishaps but throwing it up in a half bun. We can take after this Fashionista and utilize the perfect refined yet practical hairstyle.

What’s On The BEAUTY BAR: I got the low-down from this Fashionista on how to accomplish the ultimate lady bun. Her secret? To use a clear elastic hair band. This way nothing distracts from your hairstyle, it will look much more polished. Curling the bottom half of your hair with a curling wand, can also add a nice feminine touch to the trend. However, if you want fancy some more edge, throw in some styling gel to create cute fly-aways.