BEAUTY BAR: The Irony of Man Buns

Adding on to the list of pretentious aesthetic choices made by man(kind), man buns fall a close second to the notorious trend of fedoras. Think of any hipster in your life and subconscious associations with either fashion choices probably follow soon after. Man buns, however, worn in moderation have the potential to come off subtly artistic with hues of elegance, unlike the fedora.

Since its origins, the man bun has been repeatedly put down by common folks and society alike, deeming it the pinnacle of pretentiousness—perhaps attributed to the fact that we idealize the man who gives minimal effort into his looks and still manages to achieve the Casanova standard beauty. But this mentality is at fault in a society so gripped by aesthetic beauty. Man buns are a simple way for a man to alternate between wearing his hair long and keeping it up for practical purposes. This Fashionisto styled his look with a chic and simple autumnal colored sweater to parallel the changing of the seasons, finishing the look with a pair of black skinny jeans, which are quite the staple piece in New York City. At the tail end of the outfit, he wears a pair of lace-up deep brown boots to re-emphasize the autumnal aura. With his hair, he takes on the complete look of a New York City art student.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Not much is needed to recreate this look, so if you’re looking to do so, all you’ll need are some rubber bands from CVS and a nice lavish shampoo to care for the long locks you’ll need to grow and sustain. The hardest part might be the hair care, so invest in a bottle of nice shampoo. It’ll carry you far!