On days where you don’t feel like washing your hair and want to show a bit of effort, switch things up and make your top knot look less basic with the half bun. Still looking effortless but put together the half bun is something quick and easy to create!

On days where you’ve run out of dry shampoo or your hair is simply uncooperative, this is a great option for you. Starting with your hair down, pull about half of it up into a pony tail. Once you have secured the pony tail with a hair tie, start to twist and wrap your hair into a bun. For a sleeker look make the bun tighter or if you want to recreate this Fashionistas look, twist the hair in a messy manner and secure with a hair pin. Finish off your look with a spritz of hair spray to keep your half bun in place!

The half bun can be worn a few ways. Do you want a more refined look? Slick your hair back and create a tight ballerina bun. Want something more casual? Take a tip from this Fashionista and create a messy bun that still looks chic. Using a texturizing spray, you can also pull some strands of hair out of the bun for more volume. If your worried that your hair isn’t long enough to rock this do, worry no more because all lengths of hair will work!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? In order to create your new hair style you will need a hair brush and hair ties to create the half pony tail. You will also need hair pins to secure your fun bun. Lastly you will need a spritz of hair spray or texturizing spray, depending on the look you are going for, to finish it off!