BEAUTY BAR: The Darker the Berry

A girl will never leave the house without three simple items: her phone, her keys and her lipstick. Of course the phone and keys are needed for practical reasons, but what makes lipstick the supreme cosmetic us ladies cannot seem to give up? Lipsticks offer a world of endless possibilities. Every shade, from sky blue to deep wine, and every finish, glossy to ultra matte, is available for the makeup obsessed to devour. With infinite lipstick options no wonder it is so hard walk past Sephora without stopping and purchasing one…or five.

This Fashionista and beauty extraordinaire opted for a seasonal favorite: a dark berry lipstick. She chose a matte finish that beauty addicts everywhere cannot seem to get enough of. When wearing a bold lip color the rest of your makeup, as well as your outfit, should be low-key. Having an understated face will prevent your makeup look from becoming too busy and will bring attention to the lip color.

Wearing an outfit that is neutral in color will keep the focus on your lips. This Fashionista’s outfit is simple with stylistic details that give it a twist. Her fitted trousers are flocked in a plaid pattern, taking them up a notch from a predictable plain black pair. Opting for a thick cardigan over a crop top is an easy and comfortable look that will take you from class to class. Simple gold jewelry, a knit bobble hat and a pair of black booties complete this look, making it effortlessly chic and complementary to her makeup.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: The key to getting kissably matte lips is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. There is no need to spend big bucks on makeup counter lip products. Tried and true petroleum jelly works wonders to keep your lips soft and moisturized, creating the perfect base for your lipstick. Plus, there is a good chance you already have some in your medicine cabinet. Once you apply your lipstick you are ready to conquer the world.