BEAUTY BAR: The Classic French Braid

As a girl who has thick, long hair one of my least favorite things is getting overheated in the summer, because my hair covers my neck. I love to throw my hair up in a high ponytail, messy buns or my favorite a braid. There are endless styles from the classic braid, to the Dutch braids or the fishtail braid.

This Fashionista choose to go for a simple, classic French braid in a looser style instead of a tight braid. To achieve this look, simply segment off three sections of hair at the top of your head and begin to braid. Gradually add more hair as you go along until you have nothing left. Finally, after fastening the braid loosen it by softly pulling at the strands for a messier feel. So simple, isn’t it?

A braid is a simple hairstyle that can work with any outfit and occasion from working out to seeing a movie with friends. A braid should be an effortless hairstyle that you do not need to worry about looking perfect. The messier the better! This Fashionista chose to go for a ‘90’s feel with a white crop top, relaxed fitting jean and a flowing, patterned kimono. She finished the look with a pair of sneakers and choker.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Since the braid is the star of the show keep the makeup simple allowing any Fashionista to highlight her natural features. Add a light layer of foundation to achieve a natural complexion. By filling in your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil it creates a bold and clean look. To finish off add some mascara and lip gloss that matches your natural lip color. To create the perfect braid, make sure you have the essentials: a comb, hairspray, bobby pins and a hair tie.