BEAUTY BAR: The Braided Beauty

With the summer progressing, temps rising and the concept of returning to classes within a month looming, it’s only natural to rely on safe styles where your beauty routine is concerned. Don’t get me wrong, I love an easy-going top knot hairdo like any other Fashionista with a stacked schedule, but fading into the crowd is not on the agenda for this summer. Accordingly, this Fashionista’s braided style was a refreshing change of pace and completely sensible when nearing 100 degree weather.

This Fashionista’s inside out double braid style keeps her natural long red hair off the neck and away from the face with fewer flyaways than a simple ponytail or bun. She also effectively keeps the attention on her intricate hairstyle by using a minimal approach to her makeup routine. An ultra natural take on makeup will also keep you from “melting” in the hot weather. Just a touch of mascara, a swipe of lip stain and a creamy blush is all that is really needed to finish off this look. As for the outfit, a boho vibe results from the braided crown-like style, so try something comfortable and cool. The Fashionista pictured here has selected a soft tank top and lacy shorts. She also made the excellent decision to tuck in the top to show off the detail on the shorts.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? The style is most attainable if your hair has a little texture to it so the braids don’t slip out. So if you have naturally pin straight hair like me, use a salt spray or other texturizing beauty product to give your hair a little body. To create the braid, section hair off into two parts where you would naturally part your hair and continue down to the nape of the neck, placing each portion of hair into small ponytails as a place holder. Start the inside out braid on the side of your head with more hair and braid until you reach the ends, ponytail off. Repeat on other side. To finish, roll up the larger portion of hair into a bun shape, tucking in the ponytail so it is no longer visible. Then wrap the smaller braid around this bun and tuck ends in. Don’t be afraid to get acquainted with a few bobby pins, you will need them to secure the style!