BEAUTY BAR: The Blonder the Better

There are many reasons why summer is my favorite season. Lazy days by the pool, late nights out, lunch dates catching up with old friends and making unforgettable memories are just a few things everyone looks forward to when the weather turns warm. But my personal favorite part of summer is that it also seems to always present opportunities to reach out of your comfort zone a little more than usual and take those fashion risks one step further by experimenting with all of the boldest options. This Fashionisto took that leap of faith this summer and added a little blonde to his usual dark locks. The summertime is the perfect time to try adding an extra color to your normal hairstyle and lighten up your life…all the way down to your roots!

He rocked his new blonde look with a pair of burgundy slim chinos. Cool, colored pants like these give your ensemble a break from the typical denim jeans, while still working to match just about anything in your closet. Spirited, vibrant graphic T-shirts will never go out of style. These can also be worn pretty much year round and are so easy to throw on in seconds with little thought at all. Top the T-shirt with an unbuttoned colored or printed polo shirt and you’ve got a pretty stylish layered look working in your favor. A pair of Vans are essential to any Fashionisto’s closet. Whether you choose the famous white or a classic blue, all can be paired with just about any outfit to complete the look and radiate a total hipster vibe. Don’t forget to complete your outfit with the summer’s coolest accessories: a pair of Ray-Bans and a chic Apple watch.

An unexpected but entirely trendy update to your hairdo ups your style game by a million, so take those risks this summer and you’re sure to find yourself as a total trendsetter in no time.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: If you have dark hair, it’s best to come back for several sessions in order to not damage your hair all in one sitting. Hair care is first priority, so do yourself (and your hair) a huge favor and get your blonde locks done for the first time by a professional. Also, a good purple shampoo is vital for keeping the brassiness at a minimum and your blonde intensified!