BEAUTY BAR: The Beachy Lob

Remember when Anne Hathaway cut her hair into a pixie cut and looked amazing? Before that, remember when everyone wanted to cut their hair into a bob? Now, when girls want to change their hair and don’t want the drama of getting a pixie cut, they go for a lob. So many celebrities have been rocking this look lately. Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have been seen in pictures everywhere owning this hairstyle with confidence.

If you’re having trouble picturing what a lob looks like, it’s basically a longer version of a bob and less severe looking. This cut can look good on so many different face shapes. One thing I love about this Fashionista’s lob is that there’s a beachy wave to it that gives it more body and movement. With this particular cut, just because your hair is shorter doesn’t mean there’s less possibilities! You can still do just as much with your hair in this cut than you could with longer hair. This Fashionista’s hairstyle would look great curly, straight or wavy! Less hair around your neck means cooler days in the summer and less static hair in the winter. Having a shorter cut also means less maintenance and styling in the morning! Cutting down your morning routine means more sleep, and who wouldn’t want that?

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this beachy lob, you’ll need heat protectant, a wide barrel curling iron, some texturizing spray and hairspray. Spray your hair with the protectant and then start curling random pieces of your hair, making sure not to curl in the same direction for each piece. When you’re done, spray your hair all over with the texturizing spray and tousle up your curls to make them messy. The more imperfect, the better. Now, just spray your head with a bit of hairspray and you’re ready to go!