BEAUTY BAR: The #1 Rule

Spring has finally sprung, and the skies have begun to open up on us, but it’s a good thing that a little rain won’t stop this Fashionista from shining like the sun! When I saw this beauty look on campus, I noticed the passionate simplicity of her look. She did her hair and used her makeup as a way to make herself happy and feel beautiful, and that’s the number one rule—no, the only rule—to hair and makeup. If you feel beautiful with it, then own your work, and if you feel beautiful without it, then you should own your natural beauty.

Let’s start with makeup. Makeup is not used to cover up our flaws. Instead, it’s used to enhance our beauty. This Fashionista chose to use her makeup to even out her skin tone with her Revlon color stay foundation, bring out the color of her eyes with Maybelline’s precise liquid eyeliner and rocket blast mascara, and to frame her face with her Tarteist contour kit, Tarteist pro glow kit for highlighter, and Anastasia dip brow. Makeup is an art, and if done correctly, the outcome can be spectacular!

Now focusing on her hair. I noticed that the way that she curled her hair not only matched her look, but it also enhanced it. It looked effortless yet put together. Whenever I curl my hair I always seem to be so worried that it’s going to fall out right away, but I love how she used her loose curls to make a wave-like texture that lightly framed her face instead of trying to cover it with a more defined curl.

So, whichever way you like to do your hair and makeup, own it, because if you feel beautiful then everyone else will see you the same way. You hold the key to your beauty, and nobody can take that from you.