BEAUTY BAR: Temporary Tats

There is something unique and beautiful about tattoos and their significance to a person. Often times people consider tattoos a part of who they are as an individual. Though I personally don’t have any tattoos due to my unwavering indecisiveness and fear of needles, I can express body art in a different (and more temporary) way. Temporary tattoos are all the rage this summer season. I’m not talking glittery My Little Pony or Spider-Man tats you can get from the doctor’s office (although those were very significant to my identity as a child). Rather, I’m talking about the new widespread trend of body art: metallic temporary tattoos. This eye-catching beauty technique is used as an easy way to add detail and overall spunk to an outfit.

This Fashionista chooses to sport her shimmery temporary tats at a local music festival. For her outfit, she wears a fun printed romper stitched with adorable pom-poms. Accessories such as layered bracelets and chains, fun rings and a kate spade watch really make her outfit pop. Her jewel studded sandals serve as an overall chic statement piece as well as help bring out the gold and silver tones of her accessories.

Like this week’s Fashionista, sporting fun body art is a cute and unique way to spice up an outfit this summer. Before, you may have thought temporary tattoos were only for children. Now, you too can express temporary body art in a chic and fun way (minus the corny ponies and super heroes).

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To achieve this unique and summery beauty look, you will need a patterned romper, studded sandals, bold accessories and a few metallic temporary tats. Like this Fashionista, you too can rock the body art beauty trend (minus the permanence and needles)!