BEAUTY BAR: Take The City By Storm

Similar to our clothes, many of us change our hairstyles and hair color according to the season and occasion. For example, people get curly or bright colored extensions for the summer or they get protective styles or dark, rich colors for the winter. Doing all of this can be pretty damaging or expensive to your hair, but these Fashionistas have figured out a way to avoid the negatives and take the city by storm all year: gray hair.

It may sound odd to those of you who haven’t been following the trend, but a lot of people and several young celebrities have played around with gray tresses. The silver strands truly do stand out without being too bold. According to the Fashionista with the gray curls, the subtle style is, “Freeing, empowering, it looks great against all skin tones and seriously anyone can do it.” Guess what? She’s absolutely right; you don’t have to be a celebrity or a member of the X-Men to get this look. I have seen so many young men and women try this trend, and elderly people who are less ashamed of their gray. The trend has been rising since 2013, but is now one of the hottest looks of 2015 after everyone has adjusted and figured out how to make it work for them.

Figuring out how to make gray hair work for you might be the most exciting part of the process. The Fashionistas pictured above all took a different approach to the trend and provide great examples of what you can do with the trend, whether you’re using your natural hair or extensions. Their subtle silver strands will make them look so cool amongst a crowd during this hot summer or icy in a winter wonderland. No matter the season or look that you’re going for, gray hair is the way to go if you want a new look with some color.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look with your natural hair, you should go to the salon if you have no experience with bleach and dye. The coloring you should use is #50 Cooling Violet by Wella, along with an activating lotion and creme developer. If you want to do extensions, you can get the hair from here and select: “Natural Black 75% Grey.” I have experimented with all of the products above (I dyed and bleached human extensions) and was very satisfied with all of the results. However, the grey washes out of human hair easily, so you should use a toning shampoo to maintain the color for as long as you possibly can.