BEAUTY BAR: Take a Walk On the Balayage Side

August 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

With going back to school right around the corner, you should make sure you walk in on the first day with your best foot forward. This Balayage hair trend that has been hitting the streets lately is an amazing way to make sure you have a #RAD semester.

The reason this hair trend has been on fire lately is because it creates very natural, soft highlights that also have very little growth lines. This is perfect for anyone who wants to dye his or her hair but does not always want it to be a noticeable change; it is a good baby-step in the hair dye world.

This hair trend is very similar to an ombré style, but many people like this trend more because it is more natural looking. Also, this hair trend is very low maintenance, which is very appealing to people in this day and age.

This trend is a perfect mix between blonde and brown, so if you are anything like me and can’t decide on a hair color you want to stick with then Balayage is the perfect trend for you! With a perfect mixture of blonde and brown you get the best of both worlds, who says you ever need to choose between brunette and blonde?

This Fashionista paired this style with a casual black dress, a cute watch that stands out and a simple pair of sandals.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: While this look is best achieved through going to a professional, to get this look one will color particular single strands of hair usually with a brush that are strategically places to create the soft, natural look. This will be easier with natural darker hair, but is still achievable with already dyed hair.