BEAUTY BAR: Swoon For Maroon

As the days get colder and the pumpkin lattes get spicier, the beauty trends of summer start to fade and fall comes out to play. One of the many perks of sporting fall beauty looks is that you can run errands or go from class to class without worrying about the heat of summer ruining your makeup before the day ends. This Fashionista perfected the fall look by keeping it consistent with dark and light shades of color throughout her whole outfit.

The look of bright pastel lips from the summer transcend to a bolder, darker color scheme for fall. Dark colors like maroon, burgundy or violet can give your makeup or an outfit that dramatic touch, and is a trend that won’t ever fade away. The great thing about the autumn season is that it gives every Fashionista/o an opportunity to take it up a notch and make outfits bolder and edgier with a pop of color. For example, if you decide to wear dark colors, help your makeup look stand out with bold colors like red or maroon. You might not realize it, but color plays a big role in our everyday choices of not only outfits but our makeup decisions as well.

Maroon is one of the staples to perfecting a fall look and this Fashionista utilizes that throughout her look. She paired her lipstick to her maroon tartan plaid button-up. She pairs it with her dark high-waisted jeans and layers with a light wash denim jacket tossed over the shoulder along with white Nike sneakers. Which in return make this outfit the epitome of chic streetwear. To balance out her dark lips, she used a light champagne shade to frame her eyelids which added the perfect amount of consistency and class to her outfit. Adding to the chic makeup look, she perfects her eyebrows with Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade in dark brown making her look completely cool.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Want to know how to accomplish this chic look? Keep it natural with the foundation and bronzer so that the focus is on what you want to pop out the most—your lips. Use dark, matte colors like NYX’s matte lipstick in “Transylvania” to complete the dramatic look. Finally, brighten your eyes with a nice, light shade like champagne or light brown from Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette.