BEAUTY BAR: Sweat-Free and Radiant

BEAUTY BAR: Sweat-Free and Radiant

Summer is passing quickly, so what better way to end it with some bright summer outfits? My personal summer outfits consist of mostly orange, pink and red which go great with a make-up look that keeps your skin sweat-free, yet radiant!

This Fashionista pictured wore an eye-catching orange peplum top, white shorts and gold embellished sandals, with some stand-out makeup to match her outfit’s radiance. To get the look, I recommend using a matte-ifying lotion to start. This will serve as a good base, to take away oil and tighten your pores. Next, use an oil-free BB or CC cream with SPF for a natural glow and protection from the sun. Finish up your skin with bronzer and minimal blush on the apples of your cheeks. Your makeup will be less prone to melting off and naturally glowing!

For your eyes, prepare your lids with a primer (so what ever is put on your eye won’t smudge). After waiting a couple minutes, cover your lids with a light color with some shimmer to it. This will reflect and sparkle beautifully under the sun. To add depth to the crease of your eyes, use a bronzer or your favorite brown palette. Eyeliner and mascara can be added to make your eyes pop if you are feeling more bold than usual!

For the lips, thoroughly exfoliate them and use a nude lipstick. Personally, I use Tom Ford lipstick in Pink Dusk because it his highly pigmented and gives my lips more dimension.

This Fashionista’s makeup look is perfect for the summer and all warm colorsit’s version of a natural look with more glow (and doesn’t interfere with other colors). It has a soft transition for the eyes when looking at bright-colored outfits. Perfect for an end-of-summer shine!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Matte-ifying lotion, BB or CC Cream, Eye Primer, Eye Shimmer, Brown Palette, Lip ExfoliatorNatural-colored Lipstick.