BEAUTY BAR: Sun’s Out Buns Out

Every season brings a new familiar challenge to our hair we love to hate. If it’s not the winter static cling, it’s the summer heat and humidity. No matter how on point your outfit may be, no look can save the anxiety and low self-esteem caused by a bad hair day.

However, there is hope! Throw those testy tresses in a loose updo away with your cares about controlling your hairs. This Fashionista makes her undone bun look effortless and chic. Nothing tops off a summer look better than a tousled bun on the side.

Messy side buns never go out of style. To master this style, begin with a deep side part on whichever side you so choose. Next, apply dry shampoo as a base to pump up your roots, and then gently tease and rub in at the part to work in. Once the prep work is done, you’re ready to bun!

Start by taking your hair and form a bun slightly off to the side of your part. Key it on the low and lightly twist and gather your hair into that perfectly, poofy bun shape. Work your fingers to loosen the grip of the bun to clutch that messy appearance. Crack out the curling iron and give yourself a few loose waves on the ends that fall and frame your face. Give things a good spray with an extra-hold hairspray all around.

Now you’re ready to rock and roll! Hit those summer nights with your worry-free do and favorite summer dress. Soak up the sun, and have tons of fun. Nothing can stop a ferocious Fashionista with a tamed mane.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Dry shampoo is every Fashionista’s secret weapon when it comes to taming the mane. It prevents the heat’s greasy look and adds volume to your roots. A great aerosol hair spray helps to keep things on lockdown without looking too matted and polished.