BEAUTY BAR: Sun-Kissed Streaks

Forget spending all summer desperately lying out in the sun trying to get a dark tan. For many people, obtaining a perfectly bronzed skin tone is nearly impossible. To all the pale folks out there that still want a summery and sun-kissed look, look towards this Fashionista for advice!

Ditch darkening your skin with harmful rays when you can just lighten up your hair and achieve the same summer feel. This season, the ombré hairstyle has become increasingly popular. With darker hair at the roots and lighter hair on bottom, ombré is the perfect way to brighten up any look all while lasting longer than any tan! This Fashionista transformed her all-over black locks into a multi-shade masterpiece. She had her ends bleached in order to achieve this balayage look, which left her with strands of different blondes and reds. Her new hair color contrasts perfectly against her pale skin, giving her a much softer look.

To go along with her summer hair, she is dressed in a simple, strappy, black skater dress and some adorable black booties to match. Her hair color alone is enough to add some fun and dress up any monochromatic outfit!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get pretty sun-kissed hair like this Fashionista, I recommend going to your local hair salon for a flawless balayage that will not fade over time, unlike regular box dye. For those of you who want to lighten bits and pieces of your hair naturally or on a budget, try using lemon juice or some Sun-In from your local drugstore. Spray some of it into your hair and let the sun and the summer heat do the rest of the work!