BEAUTY BAR: Summer's Calling

Balayage is the unofficial hair trend for having your cake AND eating it too. Why? Because you get two hair colors in one all natural looking do. This little lady is on top of the trend showing off her rich deep brown hues with hints of red at the roots that integrate smoothly into caramel blonde ends. Her hair story started with a red color similar to the one she has pictured and transitioned to blonde then made its way back to her original color, but spiced up with a red tint. She loved the dark color, but was naturally nostalgic of the blonde. Inspired by the warm weather, she wanted to create a look with the hottest new hair trend since shaving one side of your head (refer to acceptance of others style in my previous STYLE GURU STYLE article). She has mastered the perfect addition for hair by transitioning from dark winter hues to a sun-kissed summer look with a balayage.

What made her look even more bomb were her summer colors she incorporated into the details. She went with a white flowing sundress or as I imagined a blank canvas to accentuate all the other details she had from head to toe. She wore neutral pinks with a hint of sheen on her lids paired with a smoldering black liner and lash duo that highlighted her big green eyes. Her floral pink Yves Saint Laurent lipstick played nicely off of her eye makeup creating a soft summer finish. And you got to give it to her: the girl knows how to contour! She brought this look to a whole new level with her whimsical (and adorable) orange slice earrings. Even her toes added to the summer palette with a pop of chartreuse painted on paired with a dainty sun ring. She chose a black vintage Bally handbag to stay stylish, but still maintaining the focus on the beauty factor.

It’s difficult for a Fashionista to stay cute and cool during the summer—especially in the city. Her look proved that you can incorporate summer to your hair with a stylist and color to your look with some makeup, cute earrings and a fresh pedicure.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To recreate this look you’ll need pink shadow and a shimmer highlighter. A fluorescent lip will add freshness and fun to the eyes. If you want to bring it home grab a pair of vibrant fruit earrings. Pick a contrasting color from what you use on the face area for the toes, like chartreuse, to create a playful balance. Voilà! You’re the summer siren you always dreamt you’d be.