BEAUTY BAR: Summer On My Mind

February 22nd, 2016 at 2:10am

I know it is technically winter, but what’s wrong with willing the warm weather back in town with some “beachy” styling? This Fashionista has made this tousled hair and barely-there makeup look work perfectly, and I can’t help but think how awesome this duo translates into every season. Winter air can be so drying, so while trying to stay warm, we can get so overwhelmed with trying to stay hydrated. This look is simple and clean and will actually help you stay healthy and radiant.

The most important elements for this look are your products. Find a tinted lip balm to keep those lips nice and supple while adding a subtle pop of color. The next will be a lightweight and moisturizing concealer with a luster finish. To keep your makeup summertime-primed, don’t be afraid of adding a little bronzer to add that summer glow—and, of course, think warm thoughts. Lastly, mascara, mascara, mascara! Think thicker, fuller and longer; no heavy eyeliner needed. The way to keep this look lightweight and airy is to banish the bright eyeshadow; instead, leave the lids bare. For your hair, take a break from straighteners and go natural, embracing whatever texture you have while preventing breakage. Don’t forget to reserve your kinks, curls or waves with a daily moisturizer (we want beach curls and summer vibes, not a hot-mess).

What’s On the BEAUTY BAR: Soon you’ll be on that much needed break from school, chilling on the beaches of paradise and doing whatever snowmen do in the summer. Until then, stock up on your hydrating tinted lip balm“Absolutely Flawless” concealer by TooFaced Cosmetics and a waterproof mascara. Add this liquid bronzer for added moisture and glow. Stay warm!