BEAUTY BAR: Subtly Seductive

For being a woman, I surprisingly own very little makeup. The makeup items I regularly wear are Maybelline mascara and MAC lipstick. For special occasions, like a girl’s night out, I will add eye shadow from the NAKED 2 palette with my mascara and lipstick. This Fashionista definitely knows more about makeup than I do, and her makeup expertise is demonstrated in this subtly seductive look prepared for a girl’s night out.

The makeup on her face really gave her a beautiful glow without overdoing it. The eye shadow shade that she created using colors from the original NAKED palette is subtle, but just enough to draw attention to her eyes. Also, the winged eyeliner was the perfect touch to give her eyes some sass. Red lipstick is always an excellent go-to for a night out with the ladies, and she applied the perfect shade for her skin tone. The luster of the color really shows off her full lips, adding to the seductiveness of the whole look.

The Fashionista’s hair was another feature that really caught my attention because of the two distinct colors. Dying hair two completely different colors has recently become a more common trend, replacing the previous ombre trend. Additionally, the curled hair placed more emphasis on the two contrasting hair colors, and is the perfect style to show off those lovely locks!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you want to create this look, the original NAKED eye shadow palette, the Dark Side MAC lipstick, bronzer and your favorite eyeliner are required for this subtly seductive look. For all those who are daring enough to attempt this hairstyle, dye your hair two contrasting colors and curl those beautiful locks to enhance the distinctiveness!