BEAUTY BAR: Stellar Style Status

In the winter, men and women like dark colors. Women wear more browns, blacks, nudes, and dark greens. They tend to want their hair darker as well. In the summer, women wear more bright colors. They want their hair lighter and shorter to go with the warm weather. Men work in a similar way; the change of season tends to change the way we look. When warm weather rolls around, men want shorter hair to keep them from overheating. It is a nice change from the long winter locks they tend to have with brutally cold weather.

This Fashionisto is always on top of everything and has a classic look to dress for success. On top of his well done hair, he also pairs a button-down with a jean jacket. The jean jacket makes his look more casual than it otherwise would be. He chooses tan jeans to avoid denim on denim (which is not always a bad thing, but the tan jeans fit his style better). He adds Oxfords for the final touch.

Adding to his stellar style is his hair. With styling cream he is able to create a masculine yet vintage look. He has the classic slicked back (greaser) look and has transformed it from bad boy to make it suitable for a young professional. This Fashionisto knows what he is doing and is showing off his confidence through his hair and rad style. Do you think he is ready to take on whatever his future has in store? I think so.