BEAUTY BAR: Steady Lobbin'

If you don’t get the reference to the Lil’ Wayne song…I’m sorry. If you don’t like a good old play on words…I’m even more sorry. But if you do like hair inspiration…then I’m not sorry? To be honest, I just really wanted to use the play on words because I’m obsessed with the word “lob” being used to describe a hairstyle. The only thing better than the word used to describe this hairstyle, is the hairstyle itself.

This Fashionista (and her hairstyle) exudes coolness. Cosmopolitan magazine recently dubbed the “long bob” the “Rachel” hairstyle of 2015, and I couldn’t agree more. This time last year we were all popping biotin and fish oil in hopes to grow out hair as long as possible and now, a short year later, we’re chopping it all off. There’s a certain chic-ness to the messy “lob” that is hard to explain. I almost want to compare it to a mullet, with the whole business/party attitude, because a hairstyle like this can be so easy to style and so appropriate for day to night events.

If her hairstyle doesn’t convince you enough, this Fashionista knows a thing or two about style. You’ll know this if you’ve read a few of my other articles this summer, but I have a love affair with Stan Smith shoes and instantly respect anyone who rocks them. When I asked about her outfit, she described it as her daily go-to ensemble. The monotone spectrum immediately caught my eye, and after listening to this Fashionista gush about the top, I’m convinced I need to go pick one up. While I struggle allowing myself to spend so much money on a basic shirt, this rag & bone T-shirt feels like a sweatshirt and looks like a million bucks. I always search for the perfect way to mix comfort and fashion and this design absolutely nails it. Black jeans are another necessary staple and go with everything (something I’ve proclaimed in at least two other posts, lets be honest) and I love the way this Fashionista cuffs hers. After growing up having a fear of flooding my pants (I’m quite tall, and growing out of pants was a constant worry) it’s still hard for me to cuff my own jeans, so I have to admire people who are able to pull it off. Her pink sunglasses complete the look, helping to bring out the blonde hues in her statement hair and tie everything together!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Head to the hair salon, and bring a plethora of pictures. You don’t need to look far for inspiration—handfuls of celebs are rocking this hairstyle (one of my personal favorites is Suki Waterhouse)! Just remember to ask for lots of choppy layers.