BEAUTY BAR: Sporty Spice

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with brightly colored makeup, and while I do love a fuchsia colored lip as much as the next girl, I also love a classic cinnamon nude look, too. In the summer heat, it’s easy for such a look to look dated and stuffy, but this Fashionista was able to make it look fresh and effortless.

She started off with a light BB cream, which evens out skin and covers small imperfections while allowing freckles to show through. Most BB creams have a high SPF too, protecting skin from the sun’s harsh rays. She then used a liquid liner to line her lash line, extending the line out slightly to make her eyes look bigger. After that, she used volumizing mascara and filled in her brows.

She applied a cream blush to the apples of her cheeks to add some color to her face. Before applying a creamy lipstick, she lined her lips with a creamy lip liner. She finished off the look by loosely curling her hair and brushing out the curls to create waves. A center part pulled the whole look together to make it stylish and modern.

She made this makeup look summer ready by pairing it with a sporty outfit. A gray T-shirt dress is comfortable, and when paired with a denim jacket cinched around the waist, it works for warmer weather during the day as well as chillier nighttime breezes.

Her white socks and sneakers are fresh and sporty. Choosing white over another color, like black, for instance, keeps the look summery. She finishes off the look with a pair of aviator glasses and a medium sized cross-body bag to hold everything she needs.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? A BB cream, like this one from Smashbox, creates the perfect blank canvas. When choosing a liquid liner, opt for one that is waterproof to avoid it coming off if you get a little sweaty. Before applying mascara, apply a lash primer, like this one from Dior, to make lashes even longer and fuller. Fill in brows with a natural looking pencil, and pick a cream blush to make your color look dewy, not powdery. Lastly, apply a matching lip liner and lipstick in a spicy cinnamon tone. Try the Too Faced lip liner in “spice spice baby” and la creme lipstick in “perfect spice.”