BEAUTY BAR: Speckles of Freckles

May 31st, 2017 at 2:00am

Summer has always been bittersweet for me. The routine of the school year is thrown into a different current and the new rhythm takes some time getting used to. I always end up missing my professors and the little groups of people that sat around me in class. The thought of summer has the words, “Now what?” cascading out.

This summertime sadness calls for a little something different and there is nothing sweeter than a freckled face that evolves throughout the summer. If you don’t have freckles don’t worry, this Fashionista’s freckles are faux! She created the freckles using a brown eyeliner by Jane Iredale and then patted the spots to soften them a bit. The trick to creating realistic freckles is variation both in shape and size of the dot, and in how they cluster together. I would pair these freckles with a rosy blush like the one she used from Glossier (amazing brand alert!) and a bit of bronzer.

For a truly glowed out vibe, a bit of highlighter like the one she used by Dior dusted across the cheeks, nose, and cupid’s bow will have you looking like you’re vacationing in St. Barts. For all of you out there who already have freckles or need some oomph try something more punchy! Go for confetti-like glitter or flecks of gold as your freckles.

A top tip is to look for cosmetic grade glitter so you won’t break out in a rash. If you put just the right amount on the high points across your cheeks and the bridge of the nose it shouldn’t look like you’re part party popper (say that ten times fast).

And just like that my very last post for CollegeFashionista is done. It has the same bittersweet feeling of summer but at least I’ll have some speckles of freckles that adorn me with what is to come next. If you have enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have loved writing them, follow me on my social media! Adios for now!